The Bottom

Depression is not clear cut. It can be hidden under it's myriad of symptoms which can all be put down to the demands of living a busy life. I've always tried to be there for people who have suffered mental health issues, but I have to admit that I had no idea, absolutely NO idea … Continue reading The Bottom

Define ‘safe’

Another woman in Australia tragically lost her life at the hands of a man this week. A young woman, Eurydice Dixon, was raped and murdered in a park as she walked home. She was nearly home, ridiculously close to home when a man decided to attack her, rape her and end her life. In Australia, … Continue reading Define ‘safe’


Today I feel sad, like absolutely miserable-sad. I'm letting that happen today. I'm sitting with sad and letting it be here because it worked really hard this week to make it's way into my life. Sadness earned it's place here this week. I've had one of those weeks that turned my world upside down, inside … Continue reading Sad