Define ‘safe’

Another woman in Australia tragically lost her life at the hands of a man this week. A young woman, Eurydice Dixon, was raped and murdered in a park as she walked home. She was nearly home, ridiculously close to home when a man decided to attack her, rape her and end her life. In Australia, … Continue reading Define ‘safe’

Get A Real Job

My son loves stuff. He is really into shoes, clothes and sports teams and all the associated paraphernalia for those teams. In other words, over-priced, expensive stuff. He knows the price of every item in our sports shop, and will save to buy what ever it is he "needs" to add to his collection. As … Continue reading Get A Real Job


Most parents can only dream of sleep. It's one of the most discussed topics in parenting circles. Your children are either awesome at it, or crap at it, and it's the olympic gold of parenting if they are champions of sleep. It's a tricky thing, because if you get a sleeper you have to keep … Continue reading Sleep

My Grubby Loves

I've tried to get my children to be clean, to be hygienic, I really have. But despite my best efforts, my little loves insist on being filthy little creatures. Filthy! Tonight my youngest left the bathroom, looked at his unwashed hands and declared, "I don't have germs." And that was it. I remind them every … Continue reading My Grubby Loves