The List

img_0757My children are so excited about Mother’s Day. Really excited.

They can’t wait to give me their carefully chosen present and cards and poems. They are really into this year, and not just because it means they got $3 to buy a gift at school which technically means they got $2.50 to spend at the canteen that day if they shopped very carefully, but I think because they actually get it a bit more this year.

I personally get most excited about the questionnaires and cards I get each year. I’ve had years of those hilarious questionnaires that teachers give to children, you know where they ask the kids their perception of you about favourite food, movies etc, and their answers are adorable yet incredibly inaccurate such as:

Mummy’s favourite thing to do: clean the house- WRONG

Mummy’s dream holiday: camping- WRONG 

Mummy’s favourite food: wine and peas- CORRECT (not together, obviously)

This got me thinking about what I’d love my boys’ future questionnaires to look like, kind of a reflective questionnaire I guess. It ended up a bit of a list of my values as a parent, and the lessons I’d most love my boys to learn from me.

This is an absolute dream list, top of the class stuff. Ultimately I’d just love for my boys to be kind, patient humans who see worth in every person they meet. That’s all.

But just for fun I’m gonna do the list…

My Mum likes it when… I put the seat both up and down at the right time, and when I aim properly.

My Mum thinks I’m great when… I flush the toilet, even when I don’t think I own it and I flush it anyway.

My Mum is proud of me when… I show kindness to others, especially when it is really challenging for me to do so.

My Mum is really good at… being fair and teaching me that I can’t always have things my way. She accepts my tears and tantrums so that others wont have to when I’m an adult.

My Mum loves it when I… spend time with her.

I think my Mum is good at… trying to always do her best. Even when she’s exhausted, sad, lonely, angry, broken and worn out, she always lets me know that she is there and that she loves me.

When my Mum is with her friends she likes to… make memories. My Mum taught me to always be who I am, that way I will find my people. She told me that there would be times in my life when I’d be lonely, lost even, but if I stay true to who I am then my people will come. She taught me that having the right people is truly one of life’s most amazing gifts and will fill my soul like nothing else can.

My Mum wants me to… stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

My Mum wishes… we wouldn’t fight and that we treated each other like best friends. She’d love us to look out for each other and be the best support we could have in the world. Family is everything. She also can’t stand screaming, so she’d love that to stop too.


Possible best mates

The thing I hear my Mum say a lot is… “You are amazing”. And I know she really means that. She also says “I gave you life” a lot when she wants me to do something for her.


My Mum’s dream for me is to… have good manners, be generous with my time and energy towards others. She wants me to be kind but not put up with any crap, to stand up for myself when I need to, and to show compassion when in doubt. She wants me to respect others, to accept what is and to be patient. My Mum dreams that I’ll experience all of life’s gifts as much as I can and remember that life wont always give me what I want but it may be what I need. She taught me that the truth is always important, even if it lands me in hot water.

When I’m at school my Mum… misses me and thinks of me often while she’s busy trying to maintain her career, our house, do all of the washing (even the clothes she’s sure we haven’t worn but threw in the clothes basket because we couldn’t be bothered to put away), prepare nourishing meals (that we’ll whinge about) and enjoy a real coffee at a coffee shop (that does cost $5 but she works hard so why not?).

My Mum’s favourite food is… anything I cook for her because cooking for someone takes time and love, so it’s a great way to show someone you care about them. And peas.

My Mum’s favourite drink is… Pinot Grigio in Summer, Rose’ in the afternoon and anything red in Winter. Champagne is for any time/place.

I love my Mum.

And I think that just about covers it.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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